Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fantasy Little 500 Rules

Choose 6 riders from Rider List-
  • 3 male and 3 female riders
  • Use only 36 or less total points
  • 1 rider only from each Little 500 team
  • Participants can pick themselves on a team
  • 1 team/ email address (mostly because I do have a real job)
  • Team name is optional
  • Submit teams before 11.59pm 3/25/2010 to
Riders score points if they finish in the TOP 20 in Individual (ITTs, Miss and Out) and Team events (Qualifications, Team Pursuit, Little 500). For TEAM events riders score points ONLY if included in Quals, TP or L5 day teams. Outside of top 20 riders do not scores a pt.
  • Points for ITTs as follows-
1st- 30pts 11th-10pts
2nd- 28pts 12th-9pts
3rd- 26pts 13th-8pts
4th-24pts 14th-7pts
5th-22pts 15th-6pts
6th-20pts 16th-5pts
7th-18pts 17th-4pts
8th-16pts 18th-3pts
9th-14pts 19th-2pts
10th-12pts 20th-1pts
  • Points from Miss and Out as follows-
1st- 30pts Semi-Finalist- 10pts
2nd- 28pts Second Round- 5pts
3rd- 26pts
  • Points from all Team Events as follows-
1st- 20pts 11th-10pts
2nd- 19pts 12th-9pts
3rd- 18pts 13th-8pts
4th-17pts 14th-7pts
5th-16pts 15th-6pts
6th-15pts 16th-5pts
7th-14pts 17th-4pts
8th-13pts 18th-3pts
9th-12pts 19th-2pts
10th-11pts 20th-1pt
Points scored by each team member are totaled after each event and published at

After Little 500 the top 3 competitors will receive the following prizes-
1st- $50 Gift Certificate from Revolution Bike and Bean
2nd- $25 Gift Certificate from Bikesmiths
3rd- 1 LB bag of Revolution Blend X coffee!

Ties will be resolved by comparing the scores of teams from firstly Little 500 2nd) Quals 3rd) ITTs 4th) MnO 5th) TP. In the unlikely event of identical teams receiving a prize, it will be split evenly between the two participants.

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